Meal planning made easy.

Grab & blend whenever you need a fast, healthy meal. Convenient subscriptions available that can be updated anytime.

The facts at a glance.

400 Calories 175
20 Protein (grams) 5
33% Daily Vitamins & Minerals 10%
$4 Cost (per unit) $8
0.3 Shipping Waste (lbs.) 3

Frequently Asked Questions

If you aren’t completely in love with Fairseed, we’ll give you a full refund on your order. We make it risk free to try Fairseed because that helps us make healthy, functional smoothies widely accessible.
We packed tons of whole superfoods into each flavor to make it easy for you to level up your smoothie game. Who likes restocking ingredients, measuring things out? Not us. Save some time, increase your smoothie density and variety.
Countless hours in the kitchen experimenting. Plus we source only the highest-quality organic ingredients which naturally just taste better. Healthy fats make each flavor creamy and carry the other flavors.

Happiness 100% guaranteed.