Our Story

Hi. We’re Tommy and Alex, co-founders of Fairseed.

We’re close friends living in the great city of Austin Texas. One late night over tacos, we started talking about smoothies. We love them for breakfast and after workouts. Tommy’s been obsessed with smoothies ever since his parents gave him the Klutz Smoothie book when he was 12. But we knew we weren’t getting the most out of them.  

It was a hassle to constantly shop for great ingredients. We wanted more variety in our recipes and an easy way to use new ingredients like adaptogens and superfoods. Mostly, making a hearty smoothie with 12+ amazing ingredients was a hassle. We wondered - why hadn’t someone solved our smoothies? 

That was our lightbulb moment and we then set out to level up smoothies for us and the rest of the world. 

We experimented for over a year to create smoothie kits that deliver unparalleled nutrition, great taste and save you valuable time. We’re honored to share them with you and have you be part of our journey!

Our Story