About Us

I've been an entrepreneur and investor for more than a decade. So many days I wanted a healthy meal but literally only had two minutes before my next call or deadline. Bars didn't cut it. I needed something nutrient dense, and I wanted it to be absolutely delicious, a treat in the middle of my day. I've always loved smoothies but they took too long to make and didn't keep me fueled.

So, I ordered a ton of seeds, berries, nuts, and superfoods and got to work. Balancing macros and nutrients in excel was just as important as refining flavor in the kitchen. After years of testing and refinement, Fairseed was born.

Tommy Hall

We never cheat with our ingredients. Many food companies use flavorings or artificial sweeteners to seduce your taste buds. Or they use low-quality ingredients that lack nutrients.

Not us. We play by Mother Nature's rules. Whole foods. No preservatives. Minimal processing. Organically grown. Our smoothies taste great because they are full of great foods.  


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We are inspired by David Fairchild, the Indiana Jones of fruit. In the 19th century, he traveled the world sourcing new crops for America including pistachios, dates, avocados, mangos, and nectarines!

Fairseed has searched the world for exciting new foods to power your smoothies. Our flavors include Goji berries, Lion's Mane, Cacao, Reishi, Chlorella, and many more. We love helping you broaden your nutrition horizons.